Author: DMcA

Champs en feu

” Today’s photo: Long low evening light over just harvested wheat fields in central France, taken last autumn. This is the classic country view on the way to our place at la Rocheliere. Note: Click photo to enlarge – back button to return.


A Coda….

It’s been a week since we said goodbye to my mother, and I’m coming to the end of a short period of rest and reflection in Madrid.  I wanted to do three more things related to her passing.  The first is to thank all those who via this site, or Facebook, or directly, sent their…


Oh Shoeburyness, Shoeburyness – the greatest gift that I possess

Today’s photo: Another long exposure shot taken near Southend, UK, at Shoeburyness. Ah… Ken Dodd.  The problem with being born in my era is that I cannot get the songs of Ken Dodd, or indeed Keynsham Bristol, that’s K.E.Y.N.S.H.A.M, out of my head.  The latter was burned into my prefrontals while listening to Luxembourg on…