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Flash alert!! Solution found for VIC – see last three posts below

This section is about the Aston-Martin Virage, the last of the true hand-built Astons. If you want to see why Virage owners love the car so much, this video beautifully shows it in motion and describes the feelings it evokes.  As the last of the ‘real’ Astons, it’s value has been slow in appreciating, but they are starting to really pick up in price now.

I’ve owned one for the last 17 years or so, and have learned a lot of expensive lessons. This set of pages contains a summary of what I have found out about keeping the Virage running. Just about everything interesting has been discovered by my talented brother-in-law, who lovingly looks after it in Yorkshire.

Individual articles about the Virage are listed below the picture. We have more info to add on spare part availability etc, and will extend the content intermittently over time.  Below is the list of current Virage pages – as we find solutions to more problems this list will extend…..




Virage Corner — 69 Comments

  1. Hello David,

    I am from Belgium, and the new proud owner of a 1993 Virage Volante.
    Now I am looking for some parts to replace some broken or missing parts on the car.

    A part I am struggling to find, are the small black studs or taps (mounted on a rubber band attached on the back of the cockpit) to attach the soft top cover (or tonneau cover) to the car.

    I was told that this part was discontinued from Aston, but that it was the same part as a Ford Escort Convertible (1990-1995) or Opel car of that same period (???)

    Maybe you can help me out and tell me which exact car model shared the same studs with Aston? So I can look for them on the Internet?

    Or maybe you have some left to sell? Or know where i could find some?

    Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.
    Take care and all the best in these difficult times!

    Very best regards from Belgium,

  2. Hello David,

    I am from Belgium, and the new proud owner of a 1993 Virage Volante.
    Now I am looking for some parts to replace some broken or missing parts on the car.

    A part I am struggling to find, are the small black studs or taps (mounted on a rubber band attached on the back of the cockpit) to attach the soft top cover to the car.

    I was told that this part was discontinued from Aston, but that it was the same part as a Ford or Opel car of that same period.

    Maybe you can help me out and tell me which exact car model shared the same studs with Aston? So I can look for them on the Internet?

    Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.
    Take car and all the best in these difficult times!

    Very best regards from Belgium,

  3. Dear all,
    my instrument cluster starts with Problems again and rewelding does not help. Does anyone have the wiring diagram available as I have to go into Depth now ?
    Kind regards

  4. Dear all,
    does anybody know where to get the wiring diagram for the instrument cluster ? After a year the problems came back an the rewelding doesnt work again. This time I have do go more in depth…
    Kind regards

    • Hi Matthew, Did you have any luck on finding a wiring diagram, broadsheet or any other bread crumb trails for the electrics? I am in dire need of schematics for an earlier Virage coupe 50260. I do have the dash schematic for the later cars without the VICs if needed.

      Thanks, Ken Lovejoy

  5. hey david amazing site ,very helpful on a car that barely anything out there , i have a question , im working on a 91 virage been sitting not sure how long , have got it running , drained the tank , cleaned injectors , new pump , new spark plug wires , cleaned plugs , i have a slight miss, i used a smoke machine on the vacuum lines and didnt notice anything , they looked to have been replaced , i have a check engine light on and would like to retrieve the code or codes , do you know how to retrieve the check engine light codes , i have searched and even called the local aston guys and he laughed , said hes never seen one , thanks for any help and again great site , rob

  6. I have had both rear calipers refurbished as my handbrake wasn’t working fully.
    There was no kits available however they are now in stock at Riki cann or send yours off to
    Contract Auto Engineering Ltd
    Unit 2 Wilden Industrial Estate
    Wilden Lane
    Stourport on Severn
    DY13 9JY

  7. Have a problem and wonder if anyone can help. Following engine rebuild, the car will only idle at 1600 rpm. My guy informs me that all relay bases have been replaced and reterminated but no improvement. He is currently checking the ECU’s. Anyone had a similar problem ?

  8. Hello David –

    THANK YOU so very much for Virage Corner – you have been a great help to me. Unfortunately, when it comes to brake calipers for my 91 Virage #333, I have encountered problems. The front calipers match those used on the C4 Corvettes of the same era, but for some reason the back callipers do not. I’m at a loss trying to find out which manufacturer used these calipers. The left rear caliper on my car is presently seized. I can send you photos if you’d like to see them. Thank you!

    • Doug, sorry for the late reply – grandfather duties again….We have not had to change the caliphers.  If seized, G  suggests removing the pads from seized caliper, and pump the brakes to free the piston. Unless the piston is badly pitted it should clean up and go again if the seals are ok in the caliper. 

  9. Hi David- I am running chassis 50088 here in US- LHD 5 spd 6.3L widebody coupe. I changed the pneumatic hoses under the plenum after reading your site.

    Just got my car back from major service new clutch, repaint bonnet. The electrical system is acting up. Electric seats both sides, electric windows both sides, seat warmer left side, radio, and electric door lock left side activated by turning key in door lock are all not working. Can you think of a central tie in point for all these circuits? The car does drive, head lights, brake lights, turn signals work.Thank you! Josh M

    • Electric seat problems etc. are usually caused by dry/oxidized wiring joints in the doors. Remove the door cards to get access to the wiring, clean all connectors and coat terminals with silicone grease. Should sort most, if not all mentioned problems.

  10. David,
    I am currently restoring chassis 10 which was the car previously owned by the actor Rowan Atkinson. This site has been very helpful, thanks. I have a solution to the VIC problems. I have found a specialist called David Marks ( tel 0115 982 2030) who repairs the unit. He is able to repair the circuits, upgrade the software and replace the touch panel and back light. Not cheap but it solves the issue of the odometer losing readings. Note I am not related to the company in any way but thought I would share. I have more details of the service which if of interest happy to send you.
    I am posting pictures of the restoration as we go along on the twitter account @rowansvirage as the project progresses.

    • Hi Mark and David,
      Thanks for a great site!
      I can confirm that David Marks indeed is on of few, if not the only one, capable of fixing the VIC on these cars. I meet David last month and he told me that he and his brother had a solution for how to fix it. They are running a few Lagonda’s, and are also researching the early problematic electric gremlins of this model.

  11. Hi David,
    Just found your site. I am so grateful for the VIRAGE info. I have just spent 19K having engine and other repairs done including VIC unit. Engine is still not running properly.
    I had my VIC unit repaired by David Marks in Nottingham :
    I am in the AMOc and one of our members is their historian and he told me that AM use him. Its not cheap from 3 to 5 k depending on what they find. He did a good job of mine, I must say.

  12. Hi David, I have a 1990 Virage. It idles roughly, and runs fluffy until 3000, then takes off like a jack rabbit. We have replaced plugs, leads, vacuum pipes, fuel pump, gapped the air gap at sensors to 8 though. Tested the injectors for flow and pattern I noticed a note from Peter Lawrence in Oct 19 2015 reporting a similar problem. Do you know if there is a simple cure?
    David Nutter . Berwick, Melbourne Vic. Australia. Tks for a great site.

    • AND, it jumps from idle to 2800 all on it’s own. Does any body know the cause ?
      Regards David Nutter. Australia

      • Hello David, I don’t know if you solve your problem but my car runs very bad since a couple of time and the symptoms were closed to yours. I décide to change the Throttle potentiometer sensor (TPS) the red PF09 from Weber. It is not aleready available new so buy the black PF09 from cycleworks. You can find it on ebay, it’s the same model for the Lancia Delta integrale and Sierra Cosworth YB. Now the rpm is normal again.

  13. I agree – just getting all my tubes replaced and it’s about £1500 to strip it all down and replace them. My central odo readout has also stopped working – I was hoping this was just a fuse, but the car has been laid up for several years, so it could be the battery mentioned on an earlier post. How do you get to this / replace it?



  14. I have recently purchased a 1990 Virage and find this forum very informative. Thanks. I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem I have with the Vehicle Information module (Trip computer). Its not displaying, but I’ve not been able to see how to remove it in order to diagnose the problem. Does anyone know how to do this or what the likely cause might be?

  15. Hi David, I write you from France. Thanks for your site which is a place of knowledge for me. I own 50059 from Patrick collection, she’s powered by a David Nurney as yours. She worked fine (even the vic) since last week. I’ have issued some hiccups suddenly in D position (3 speed trans). At cold, engine fires perfectlIt but stalls when the reverse position is swithed on. Any though please ?? many thanks ! best regards. Guillaume ps: I will also post the question on AMOC forum

  16. Hi David and a Happy New Year.

    The water in fuel problem has been solved and I have successfully glued the the household black plastic gutter drainage connectors to the fuel fillers so that no water can build up in that area and go into the tank when the car is out in heavy rain and the fillers drains are blocked or cannot cope.

    Took the car out for a New Year run around the Lincolnshire Wolds and all was well on a sunny day. Lovely roads, lovely engine, lovely car and problem free.

    Enjoyed it so much that i took it out again a week later.

    Should have known that the Virage curse would strike again. Is this the real reason I have the car for the emotional turmoil of a love/hate relationship. When I think back to previous girlfriends it was always the ones that were the most difficult that set the heart thumping. You never quite knew where you were with them and just when you thought that it was all over they would do something fantastic and start the rollercoaster ride all over again. Those are the ones I remember the most!

    Set off on Sunday and this time it was not the dreaded computer, which in my case has been remarkably accurate for fuel consumption, outside temperature and trip mileage but throws a wobbly on total . This started in 2010 at 25,000 miles went up to 77,000 back to 56,000 and now sits at around 35,000.
    This causes much amusement at MOT time!

    Not the computer then which is fine but the whole instrument panel has failed. Hopefully just a relay or bad connection. The fuses all seem ok. The engine runs and all the wipers/lights/indicators work but nil information on the panel.
    Not even main beam or indicators warning lights or ignition, all gauges on zero.

    Any ideas on where to start?

    • Hi Jim
      just found this page today and hope you have fixed your Panel Problem already, if not one solution could be to re-weld the connections of the sockets ( work fine with my Panel ) …
      Heritage has one NOS Panel left, however the Price is amazing …
      By the way do you know where to get spare parts for the air condition ?

      • Found that by taking out the dashboard fuse and then replacing it everything comes back to life.
        Cleaned the terminals thoroughly, squirted Superservisol and tried different fuses but it still happens. I think that there must be a voltage surge each time I put the fuse back which stimulates some transistor to come back to life.
        I can live with it………just!

        • Dear all,
          my instrument cluster starts with Problems again and rewelding does not help. Does anyone have the wiring diagram available as I have to go into Depth now ?
          Kind regards

  17. Hi David,
    having re-visited the site after a few months of trouble free driving, I’m now inspired to change the vacuum piping. seems a winter job.
    however more pressing is I think the water pump is on the way out. have you experienced this? do you know where a new one can be sourced? I assume it’s a standard parts bin raid form somewhere.
    keep up the good work – an inspiration!

    • Richard – we have not yet encountered a water pump problem in our two. What makes you think it’s going? In the meantime I’ll check if the Sage has any insight.

      • David,
        the car was overheating and popped one of the temp’ sensors in the back of the radiator. I’ve put new one in but not fully tested it, however pump now seems to be making noise which it wasn’t previously. thought i’d just change the pump until I found out how much AM want for a new one. I think a re-build may be the answer once i’m sure it’s the problem.
        I have since discovered the pump is unique to aston hence the price.

  18. Just reporting in to say that the 1990 Virage which I fixed in October 2011 using the keyhole method, has started first time and run perfectly ever since, over fours years ago now.
    If I am just cruising and careful of speeding then I regularly see 23 mpg.
    It is a five speed manual ZF with cats removed, legal for a 1990 car.
    Just had an agreed price insurance quote from Byron at over 70k.
    Still a very undervalued car. Last of the true hand bashed and built in very small numbers. There do not seem to be many on this site!manufacture

    Hope that yours is going as well David

    • Great to hear from you Jim. Mine is also running fine, although the relays have given a bit of trouble in the last few years. Fortunately they are easier to replace than the vacuum pipes! Congrats on the insuarance quote – sadly I haven’t seen that price in the market except for the 6.3s either as wide bodies, or the Vantage. But not complaining, as you say, the last classic Aston made, and still a pleasure to wheel out!

    • Huh, I spoke too soon and tempted fate!
      Foolishly left it out for two days without turning off the battery and it rained.
      Just would not start. Turns over well with a good spark so after your experience attention to the fuel pump, or pump relays is needed I think.
      I will check the relays tomorrow.
      The tank has never been flushed out so if I find that I need a new pump I will do that at the same time. Is there a better pump that I should order if necessary? Perhaps fit another in line filter?
      In searching for the fault I removed the Cobra and cleaned all the terminals to no avail but now it is removed and sitting neatly next to the power steering reservoir I may as well go the whole way and remove it altogether.
      Could you ask your brilliant brother in law if it is only necessary to bridge the two green wires (fuel pump}on the connector or is there more to be done?
      Just had an amusing evening with my French neighbours who were busy translating the Cobra instructions helped by a bottle of wine!
      They were laughing because they said it was such a bad translation into French. A bit like trying to understand some of those Chinese English translations in some instruction manuals!

      • Jim – sorry for the delay in seeing this – have been away for a few weeks. if you’ve left it out in the rain, I would say it is definitely water in the fuel tank. I am asking Garry about the connectors, and will post the answer here. Garry has also come up with a brilliant long-term fix to the poor design of the filler pipe. I will post that in an update to the site in a week or so.

        • Jim – reply from my BiL: There should be two wires at the pump, black=earth and white/yellow=live feed.
          When switching on the ignition the pump should run to pressurise the system. It will probably only run for a limited time as the immobiliser usually cuts it off if the engine has not started.
          To run the pump continuously connect the white/yellow wire to the battery.
          To check for water in the tank you need to remove the fuel rail cover then remove the copper loop from the front of the fuel rail.
          Put some hose from the fuel rail into a container and switch on the ignition to run the pump. Try burning a small amount of the liquid.
          It should be obvious if it is water or petrol.

  19. hi David, great site – just discovered it having already worked out the water in fuel stoppage problem !

    do you know where wing mirrors come from?

    • Thanks for the nice comment – actually I don’t know about the mirrors – the external shell is certainly custom, but the insides may come from a Ford, as that was the source of many parts.

    • david,
      ok – someone once told me and I cant remember other that I think it was some sort of citroen – oh well.

      my odometer is also on blink! surely there is a market for someone to solve this?
      many thanks

      • David, – brilliant Informative site. And by the way, great photographs. I do howeverthink something is missing. Maybe its a “green Citroen 2CV”. Oops, said too much!!!

  20. goodmorning’,
    i read your very nice info on this website and if i may i want you to ask a question,
    I have a problem with the vehicle info center of a 1992 aston martin virage volante…60025

    In the unit is a DALLAS clockprocessor(ram-processor) of which replaced the internal battery.this battery is a lithium 3 volts one for keeping things powered when the vehicles battery goes flat.also work which is done is volt.stabiliser/buffer for txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhe voltagedrop during starting of the car so the power of the electronics keeps stabilised.

    The thing which is still going wrong is the info in the display.sometimes no display when putting on ignition.also no possibility of resetting average speed,date,time,fuel consumption,etc…

    Is there a possibility to repair the unit and also programming (ram-memory if lost)?is it possible i can do this job in our workshop.

    I read some info on a aston martin virage-forum about the infocenter problems and have done the modification of the is a DALLAS1287 chip.

    In the forum they say to replace it for a DS12887 chip.but how about the programmation?the new one comes empty!is there a way to program it?and is this something i can do in our workshop?

    Hopefully you can help me with some information?

    Kind regards,john van der schoor mechanic workshop Noble House Classics BV the netherlands

    Tel.0031 36 5325300 of my partsmanager

    • Sorry for the late reply on this – the info centre is the huge unsolved problem on all Virages. On mine and J*hn’s the odometer (miles/km reading) is on the fritz, and reads random numbers. WE cannot find a source for replacement or repair. In my own car, G*rry has fitted a replacement odometer to give us at least an output for annual road tests (a legal requirement in the UK), but we are as stumped as everyone else.

  21. Hi. I have a Virage that has stopped for no apparent reason? I have changed fuel pump with no difference. I have downloaded your wiring diagram for the immobiliser, you say that you have bypassed the unit and looking at the diagram it appears that if I reinstate the ignition his should bypass it is it that simple or am I missing something altogether. Any help gratefully accepted.


    • Hi Allan

      It’s possibly a relay problem. Check the relays under the bonnet. On cars up to chassis No.50149 they are located on the inner wings just behind the headlamps. 3 relays on the O/S, the one nearest the engine controls right hand bank injectors and master ecu, the centre relay controls the fuel pump and O/S lambda sensor, the third relay controls the air pump/air injection solenoid. 2 relays on the N/S, the one nearest the engine controls the left hand bank injectors and slave ecu, the second relay controls the fuel pump and N/S lambda sensor. Cars from chassis 50150 have three relays on each inner wing. The front O/S relay is for the slave fuel pump/lambda, the centre is for the master fuel pump/lambda. the third is for master injector/ecu. The front N/S relay is for the Auto transmission, the centre is for slave injector/ecu, the third is for the air injection.
      Replace each relay in turn with a new unit. Start with the fuel pump relays as both need to be OK for the pump to operate.

  22. Hi David and thanks for running an excellent site.

    We’ve a 1990 Virage Vin No BR 50032, which we’re putting back on the road after 5 years of inactivity. It’s just passed the MOT but perhaps predictably it was revving to 3000 rpm on cold start although we seem to have eased but not completely cured that by cleaning the inlet control valves.

    It’s certainly not the smoothest running engine I’ve experienced although before doing anything too drastic like the vacuum pipes I was intending to give it a decent run to see if that gets everything working again. Problem is it runs perfectly for a while but then looses all power when under load. Put it in neutral and it revs fine but put it back in gear and it coughs and splutters its way along but it remains happy on tick over even under load. Leave it for an hour or so, start her up and away she goes quite normally. Having previously taken quite a lot of water out of the boot and spare wheel well I’ll check the fuel tank and see what comes out!

  23. Hello David and THANK YOU for Virage Corner! Your time and effort on this site are greatly appreciated.

    My 91 coupe is in need of a brake job. I heard recently that DB7’s use Jaguar pads and, hopefully, other brake parts from the Jaguar parts bin. Do you know if this is fact or fiction, and if fact, does the Virage have the same brakes as the DB7?

    All the best!

    • Doug – sorry for late reply. Not sure about the DB7. It’s a much later car, so I doubt the parts are the same. However, in the UK, Virage brake pads are easily available on eBay, both knockoff, and genuine Ferodo parts. Having spent over $1000 on high spec brake pads – with no particular benefit, we’ll be using the cheaper versions next time.

    • Hello David!

      Thanks once again for your efforts to produce and maintain Virage Corner. I appreciate it!

      I’m contacting you as I am shopping for brakes, rotors, callipers all ’round for Emily, my 1991 Virage. I remember reading your comment about using non-Aston parts next time and finding them on Ebay. If you know of a knock-off brand that you have had experience with, would it be possible for you to give me their name, please. Thank you David.

      All the best!

      Doug Mayhew

      • Hi Doug, there are lots of Virage 5.3 brake pads, from quality vendors like TRW and EBC on eBay UK. G*rry says that the Virage suspension joints are XJS, and some Virages had XJS brakes also.
        Best way to check is to compare parts at your friendly local autoparts stockist.

  24. Hi Dave
    Engine hunting on a Virage when idling – is that something you have come across? Dodgy vacuum pipes perhaps?

    Any thoughts welcome.

    • Paul

      I would think vacuum pipes first – certainly worth replacing them if you have not already. On mine the car would idle at something like 3000 rpm rather than hunt, but it depends where the leak is. Other causes could be duff lambda sensors, although changing them has never done very much for us. Dodgy relays tend to cause rough idling or total non-starting rather than hunting, but again it’s worth changing them – along with the lambda sensors its one of the easier fixes. Cleaning the vacuum pipes is essential in our view but a long job.

  25. Hi,

    As a prospective new owner of a 1990 Virage your advice will make sure the car is working correctly and my £ spend is reduced.

    Thank you for a very helpful website

    cheers Neil

  26. Hello, I was wondering if all in all your virage dealings you have come across an issue where the car resets it’s odometer?? I have a 91′ manual transmission car with around 7500 miles and the odometer has reset itself to 150 miles?? I know from my browsing that this is a problem that occurs sometimes but I was wondering if you know of a possible fix to this issue? Tried disconnecting the battery for a short amount of time and it hasn’t seemed to help. Any thoughts??

    • Nick, funny you should mention that. We have exactly the same problem – except, my odo has on occasions gone up to 300k km (with an actual of around 50k). We have no clue this time round how to fix it. It’s a real problem for the MOT for example in the UK, and of course for insurance or resale. Don’t know if any other readers have a fix – sadly we are stumped on this one.

    • Hi Nick- my car also reset….apparently Rikki Cann is the one shop that can deal with this….
      Do you have the green on black car from Felton, Pa?

      • Yes, thats the car! I just picked it up from a gentleman there who has owned it for an extended period of time and within the first week of owning it the odometer has reset itself…oh well, so goes life with these cars. Thanks for the tip on Rikki Cann, I will certainly look into that!

  27. Owned 1991 5 speed, now own 1991 Widebody 6.3L 5 speed. Truly an amazing machine. Mazda Miatas wet themselves when they hear it coming- and hear it they do.

    Annapolis, Md

  28. Great, you are the only one that cares about those absolutely wonderful Astons! I own #83 and 273. Auto and manual. Both engines signed by Reeves Callaway! Who is a good friend of mine. I also had multible issues with mostly 273: broken diff cage at mounts to body, leaking steering rack, rotten trans and engine mounts, bad ignition wires (left to right bank), hard shifting, AC gone bad, brake and clutch master and clutch slave leaking, computer in dash no display (3 x) – which I got tired of. And a few other little things. I fixed everything myself, but the computer since I work for a British repair shop in California. I simply say this: everything done to my car now made it better and I put about 200 miles on every weekend! Best regards, Hans

      • I’ve seen it, but like mine better, door gaps and such are way better!

        Here is the deal for all who need brake pads on the “cheap”, but fantastic quality and stopping power side:

        EBC Brake Pads
        Red Stuff
        for Front

        Fit Firebird/Camaro 88-92
        Corvette 88-96
        Mustang Cobra

        I am working on getting drilled and sloted front rotors with zinc coating (prevents corrosion) and will shoot y’all the part numbers, since I found great directional rotors…

        Thats it for now…

        Hans Fischer

        You can find me and lots of posts on LinkedIn

  29. Just wanted to say thanks for this information and what an excellent post. I recently put my 6.3 wide body Virage into a local garage for the vacuum pipes to be replaced and that subsequently highlighted issues with a valve of some sort seen on a Cosworth. In any event, £160 later the car runs like it has never run before and far better than it did after any visit to an Aston specialist or Aston Main Dealer workshop.

    Really appreciate it.

    • First of all thanks for the nice comment and delighted that the info was helpful and that your Virage runs better now. Second, I cannot contain my jealousy that you own a 6.3 wide body, a car I have always coveted. When you want to sell it, let me know (seriously!). And finally, who did you get to replace the pipes for £160? That’s an absolute bargain and I am sure others would use this place if they knew of it.

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