Exhibitions and shows

I always wanted to waltz in Berlin – with the Gandinis

A while ago I happened across the wonderful Gandini jugglers.  Looking them up I found that their next performance was in Birmingham on 26 August (2012).  Armed with my new senior railcard, I went up to see their whole show ‘Smashed’.  Here are a few video clips  from that performance. Totally wonderful. Although that’s what…


Struth – what about them Hungarians then

In the 20 years before the first world war, Hungary produced an extraordinarily high proportion of the worlds greatest ever photographers.  Robert Capa, Brassaï,  André Kertész, László Moholy-Nagy, and Martin Munkácsi, were all Hungarian, and all born between 1894 and 1913.  Their  work and history is shown in a seminal exhibition at the Royal Academy, which I urge…