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New New New

In something of a surprising turn of events, I have managed to get quite a few things done this last week.  Notably, a new web site, for deeply technical photography matters, and a new portfolio page for my photographs.  Both of these have new and unique domain names.  Somebody stop me! Firstly the new web…



” Today’s photo:  A serious gaze from this boy in the market in New Bagan, Myanmar. I liked his combination of extreme youth and extreme seriousness. There is something quite timeless about him. But not necessarily sad I think – Myanmar seems quite a happy country – at least in this part. I recently posted…


The pool

Click to see in full screen, back button to return to this page Today’s photograph: All along the False Bay coast of the Cape peninsula there are specially built sea pools, designed to keep kids safe from waves (and possibly sharks). This is one of the most elaborate, at Miller’s point, near Simonstown.  I took…