Virage Brakes and Suspension joints

This is not so much a how to guide as a compendium of what we know of the sourcing of the parts needed to replace and repair these items.


Somewhat bizarrely, the brake parts for mine are made by PBR (an Australian firm) and are also used on the following :-

Chevrolet –     Camaro 82/98, Corvette 89/04
Ford :-            Falcon    2000/2015, Falcon Turnier 94/02, Mustang 93/2015
Pontiac :-       Firebird  81/89

We were able to get disks easily enough on eBay.

Some later Virages seem to have had Jag XJS brakes.

Brake Hoses

Original Virage hoses (or something that fits) seem to be available on eBay.  I can’t show you a link as they expire, but here’s a screen shot taken today, searching on ‘Virage brake hose’.







Suspension joints are from the Jag XJS of the same vintage.