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This site has not been updated for a long while, other than Virage Corner, a section that is simultaneously the most obscure and the most used of the entire site.  But I have doubled the number of repair and maintenance tips there, and should you happen to have one of the 363 Virage V8 coupes ever manufactured, you will find a wealth of new discoveries.

There are several of reasons for the lack of new content here. The first is just time. I have a lot going on, and also two new and wonderful grandchildren to entertain, and articles here took a lot of time and research, which I don’t have such a plentiful supply of these days. The second is content. It’s hard and ultimately futile to express my outrage at the slow train wreck caused by Brexit and the casually contemptuous Conservative government we now have. It’s not good for my blood pressure either, so that line of content is over. So what else to write about?

I thought long and hard about focussing this site on my photography content, but my photographs are difficult to find here, the site structure is not optimised for for them, and at least historically, they are mixed up with other stuff. To solve that problem I created a brand new site for my portfolio-quality photographs, which you can find here at mcaughtry.photo. This is on state of the art hosting, using the latest tools and platforms and is completely optimised for displaying photos and photo information. There are also many super technical articles on camera and lens technology and performance, which would glaze the eyes of even the long suffering readers of this site.

So for a bit longer, this site is going to remain rather quiet. What I have in mind is to refocus it on the things I have learned in the past few years of obsessive study and acquisition during the Covid lockdown. These include advanced coffee techniques and equipment, audiophile digital hifi systems, the current state of play of on-line computing, particularly looking at Chromebooks and Google’s sophisticated document creation and storage systems, and why I still think very little of Apple products.

To get ready for that, I have given a new modern look, and updated the underlying technology, as the old structure was pushing it’s sell-by date. Navigation has been improved and hopefully it looks cleaner and simpler. It should also display on mobile devices much better. The content will take a bit longer however. So while I can’t reasonably ask you to watch this space, drop by in a while, and things might have moved on. In the meantime look at the some pretty pictures on mcaughtry.photo.

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