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NewIn something of a surprising turn of events, I have managed to get quite a few things done this last week.  Notably, a new web site, for deeply technical photography matters, and a new portfolio page for my photographs.  Both of these have new and unique domain names.  Somebody stop me!

Firstly the new web site.  It’s called Shoot LIght! a cunning play on words referring both to the weight of camera systems and to the photographers main resource for beautiful images. The URL is  It’s up in a new design, with its first post now, and more will follow as soon as I can get the content created.

Secondly my portfolio site.  This is called  Shooting Light, and is at  This differs from these pagesand my Flickr site in that Shooting Light covers only my best images, in a much easier format for viewing.  Specifically it’s arranged by category instead of chronologically as with the other two – and it’s quite highly edited.

I’ll be interested to see how the tech site in particular goes.  I did it more as a service to readers of these pages, so you didn’t have to endure the highly geeky technical stuff that I am chafing, chafing, to put out somewhere.  I’ll keep you updated on progress, and try not to neglect these pages either.


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