Sailing at 120kph – “that’s it… we’ve smashed the *rs* off it”

British design breakthrough – fastest ever speed attained in a sailing boat.  The video is amazing, as is the story, which reveals interesting differences between the French and British approaches to the problem.  Not to mention the Australian approach to announcing the record-breaking nautical mile run (see headline). Who knew there had been a 40…


In a surprising turn of events a good little’n beats several good big’ns

In prior posts I have waxed on and so on and so forth about my latest camera, the Sony RX-100.  Every now and again I actually take photographs with it, which I hope allays the boredom for non-technically minded readers of this site.  Recent test results have shown the little beauty performs better than some…


On Portability – Cameras part 7: The one in your hand

My recent posts of Olympics photographs made me think more about practicality in portable cameras, and also what the absolute ideal would be for me.  The closing ceremony in particular provided a classic example of real-world usage.   Knowing the closing ceremony was going to be visually interesting, and also probably quite low-light at times,…