The hill’s on fire!

The hill's on fire (1)

A huge mountain fire last night. This shot was taken from our house across the valley, and about 6km away. The width from left to right of the frame is maybe 500m, but the entire ridge was alight. This shot shows the front powering towards Kommetjie

The hill's on fire (2)

The ridge dips down to Kommetjie on the right, but it looks as though the fire went down behind it, missing the village.

The hill's on fire (3)

A close-up of the furnace on the hill.  The fire seems to have got to with a few hundred metres of Kommetjie, but hopefully didn’t actually get there.  Latest news – it looks as though no property was reached, but sadly a firefighter died (of a heart attack) during the blaze.  Local news report here.

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