Myanmar – Fishermen and the stupas of Indein

Third Installment of Myanmar photos from Inle Lake.  This time the amazing fishermen and the stupas of Indein


Boatmen that don’t have an engine in their craft adopt a curious one-legged poling method in Inle.  One of the earlier shots in this series shows the boatman at the Treasure using it.  The Inle fishermen do this at the same time as a sort of slow fishing dance with their nets and lines.  It makes a balletic and mesmerising performance, particularly baffling in how they stay upright, let alone catch fish.

I got these shots on the way to Indein, a village at the southern end of the first lake.  Indein is reached via a long and winding channel that really does seem to go into heart of darkness territory.  But quite beautiful, and without Mr Kurtz. Instead, you eventually reach a smallish hamlet, with around 1400 stupas ranged up a hillside, and an elaborate pagoda at the top.  It’s a wee bit touristy, and over restored, but only by Burmese standards.  It’s quiet by any others, particularly given how lovely it all is.  Anyway, see what you think.  Info on how to view at the end as always.

Myanmar - Inle fishermen and the stupas of Indein

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