Riders from the sea


I have wanted to take this shot for a while after having noticed the effect a year or two ago.  The viewpoint is from Kommetjie looking across the bay to Long Beach where the horses are exercised in the morning.  I liked the idea of appearing to see the riders as though from a boat out on the sea, emphasised by the surfer in the foreground.  On prior visits I haven’t had a lens of the right focal length – this time I had something a bit more useful (300mm).  It wasn’t a very interesting day sky-wise however, so I’ll go back and redo it some other time.   There is a certain style of black and white vintage photo used here (at least in the commercial prints of the beach), which does actually suit the scene much better than colour and I used that with a vintage border for completeness. Single click on the image for a full-screen version

The fire shown in yesterday’s photos started to the right of the hills in the background, and then headed fast out to Kommetjie.  The Ridge is along the line of the south-easterly prevailing winds here, and that’s what made the blaze so fast, and also what thankfully spared Kommetjie, as it was just out of the line of the wind.

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