On Long St


Little bit of street now. As I write, I’m sitting outside Lola’s cafe on the corner of Buiten and Long streets, finishing a rather nice salad nicoise. Or rather what fashionistas call salad nicoise.  A real salad nicoise has more salad than tuna, and the tuna is cooked and shredded on top of mesclun , eggs, olives, anchovies, and optionally, fine green beans and quartered new potatoes.  Mine was a perfectly nice but massive hunk of rare tuna steak lumped on top of 4 pieces of potato,  and some olives and tomatoes. Very nice but about as far from Nice as Barnsley.  Anyway, tooling up for some shots, I aimed at this chap at an adjacent table. Little bit of post processing to add an element of grunge and here you are.  Hopefully more shots to come, but just wanted to get started.

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  1. I just had some sashimi- raw fish including Tuna so your dish sounds wonderful though maybe the massive piece should be cut up in to smaller portions and served with wasebi a soya sauce as a side t’ing…….perhaps that chap is looking for the soya sauce?

    1. Jay, so many ways to serve Tuna although, no doubt the Japanese way is the best. Yep thats’s what he was searching for – unsuccessfully, unfortunately. I made a real Nicoise the other day – it’s worth a try. The eggs, tuna, olives and anchovies make a sublime mix.

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