Myanmar – Inle and the journey to the second lake

The second installment of Myanmar photographs here.  These show a lot more of daily life on the lakes and channels of this very evocative region.



Inle is a huge inland lake in the north-east of the country.  It is surrounded by hills, and looks almost to have been an old caldera – I haven’t been able to find any geological info so far to check this.  Either way, it’s quite elevated, and can only be practically reached by air.  It’s also possible to impractically reach it by train – we had this planned but ran out of time.  Next trip for sure however. There are three lakes, the first maybe 20km long, the second and third about half that.  The second lake can only be reached with a permit, and then only at the very top of the lake.  It’s much less frequently visited than the first.  The third is completely out of bounds.

On our first full day at Inle we picked up our permit and guide and chuntered down the long thin channel that connects the lakes, on our way to see the temples at Sagar, at the head of the second lake.  One of the great traveling days I ever had, and I think the Chickadee would say the same for herself.  Here are my shots from that day.  Instructions for viewing are at the end.

Myanmar - Inle and the second lake

To View: If you have Flash the photos are best seen in full screen (press FS in the bottom right hand corner), and in slide show ( press SL).   If you don’t have Flash, i.e if you are using an Apple iPad/Pod/Phone, or a Nexus 7/10 tablet, or any Android tablet running 4.1 +, you can now see them as well.  Just click any of the thumbnails and a full screen slide-show should start. Information on each photo can be seen by clicking on the ‘i’ symbol in the upper right corner of the screen show.

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