Fuji F600 London Photos

When I got back to London in March, my new Fuji F600EXR was waiting for me.  I’ll describe it a bit in the next post – the 3rd part of the Camera Portability set.  But partly for that, and partly because I wanted to test it out, I have been carrying the Fuji with me whenever I have been out and about in London over the last 3 weeks or so.  I’ve been particularly interested if it enables me to take photos of reasonable quality in circumstances where few of the other cameras I own would be able to operate (usually because of the zoom capability).  So here are some of the ones I liked most.  By the way, I noticed that the colours of some of the shots in the Nar-Phu set were rather garish – this was as a result of using a non colour-balanced monitor in Cape Town. I’ve rebalanced the saturation so they look right on my calibrated London screen, and you can see them again here.

London F600 4 12

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