Morning, crashing sea

Explosion at Noordhoek

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I rose yesterday morning with no trace of the hangover that might have been expected given the excesses of the previous evening. The morning scales reading (net weight, pre-breakfast) was also unexpectedly low, but despite the lack of any immediate requirement to try to lose weight,  I resolved to run on the beach. Mostly this was because the the day looked so promising: low tide, relatively low wind, clear skies, but early enough not to be scorching.  On the beach, it was just so – and perfect for barefoot running. The wind was a fairly constant south-easter with no sandpapering from the wind drift, and blowing gently and orthoganally to the direction of my steady labrador-style lope (tongue hanging out, ears down, goofy grin at passers by).  The sea was heavy, but due to the crisp morning light, the hue was a quite nice translucent dark turquoise.  And the surf was just exploding off the tip of Chapmans peak.

The sea off Chappie's

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In the way of these things, the colour was different from different vantage points.  From a few hundred metres away it was lighter and bluer.  The sea was really quite busy that day, and I particularly liked the repeated patten of the breakers, giving depth to the scene as your eye travels to the edge of Chappies.  All in all a classic Nordheok morning.

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