Nar-phu trek (2009) selected photographs

and son aloneIn my last post I described a new approach to showing images from Himalayan and other treks.  Using that approach, here are a selected set of photographs from the very fine trek to Nar and Phu that my friend J*y and I did in spring 2009.



A brief word about Nar and Phu first.  These are two settlements at the end of a remote, and only recently accessible valley in Northern Nepal, close to the Tibetan border.  The remoteness and closed access has meant that the largely Tibetan lifestyle and dwellings are essentially unchanged from medieval times.  This is especially true of Phu, the more remote of the two settlements.  This article from the Nepal times gives a little more background.

As ever, a better view of the images can be gained by clicking on them, and the best way of all to see them is to also click on SL and FS (for slide show and full screen).  Info on some of the photographs and titles for them all can be seen by pressing the little ‘i’ in the top right hand corner.

Nar Phu colour rebalanced

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