Well hello again – I should stay away more often

As I will detail in subsequent posts, this has been an exceptionally busy time, and I have not been able to make the space to create decent quality posts (not that this is necessarily one either).  Once I decided to get back into the site, I approached the dreaded WordPress stats page with great trepidation.  Would readership have fallen to zero?

And as before I am amazed to report that once I stop writing in the bl**dy thing, visits seem to go up.  In fact in this last interregnum, they have on occasions, gone through the roof.  Usually this site gets around 100 page views per day (and even then I cannot understand who you all are).  This month, it is averaging 300 plus, and on one day, the 15th July, it hit 4800 views!  The 15 July?  What’s happening?

Beats the **** out of me I can tell you.  Anyway. there’s lots of stuff to impart, including, up next (possibly later today) a video of the happiest juggling act I have ever seen.  This will cheer you up no matter how bad you are feeling.  If you are already feeling good, there is a danger warning: you may end up overpleasured (only a problem for the British).  Backson.

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