Malasana portraits

I am slowly grinding through my backlog of photographs for processing. I have now reached May 2015, and it is becoming clear to me that I need to return to the photo essay format.. Here is the first of these, this time from a series of street shots in the Malasana region of Madrid taken in the early summer of 2015. I love Madrid, mostly because it is an authentic town. The people on the street are generally Madrilenos, unlike London or Paris, where they are either tourists or office workers. Madrid isn’t my town sadly, but neither these days is London. Click this link for the full-screen Flickr slideshow.

Malasana portraits - the madonna

Malasana portraits - husband and wife

Malasana portraits - true romance

Malasana portraits - old friends

Malasana portraits - the teacher

Malasana portraits - I sit in the square

Malasana portraits - Nooo - really?

Malasana portraits - The lady of a certain stripe

Malasana portraits - Juan the lad

Technical notes: The photos were all taken with my Olympus EM5ii with the Oly 42.5mm lens –  85mm in full frame equivalent.  It’s a useful combination – superfast focus, plus enough depth of field to isolate the subject.  Post was done in LIghtroom and OnOne Photo10.

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