Company Gardens Pixie

Company gardens pixie

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The last few days in Cape Town were pretty hectic, as always, and we returned 5 days before Christmas into several (solvable) crises, so I have been unable to publish the last couple of week’s shots until now.

This and the next 5 days or so will all be street/park shots which I am using as an antidote to endless Queasypics (TM) of the sea.  Here we are in the centre of Cape Town on a Sunday.  This wonderful girl was all dressed up for one of the very fine weddings parties that often turn up in Company Gardens for the photocall (possibly after a wedding in the cathedral round the corner).  Every so often she would run away from the other pixies, and take a turn round the gardens before spinning back to her friends.

Company Gardens is like Central Park or Hyde Park, but with better weather, and is very pretty, so makes a perfect wedding backdrop.  It also contains a terrific open air cafe and all the main Cape Town Museums and art galleries – so is way more convenient than the other two in many respects.

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