Salt River Sunday


Again with some Street photography.  I chanced upon Salt River railway station while wandering around Woodstock in eastern Cape Town.  A characteristically South African location. I came across it by following some very well dressed people, wondering where they were headed.  Its a huge station, about Clapham Junction sized, in a totally obscure part of town, behind Albert Rd (which runs parallel to Victoria Rd in case you were wondering how English Cape Town Is).  Of course no white people would use this – they have cars. About everyone who entered the station was dressed up very finely.   Off to visit family or church.  These kids were the children of the station fruit vendor, and their dad’s car was their playground.  Nice kids as was their father.


I write this in the very hip Observatory district, a mile up the road. Its the lower east side meets Brighton (the UK Brighton). Laid back, great food, Sarah Vaughan on the sound system, but not fancy. Nonetheless,  a world away from Salt River Station.

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