Kommejtkie rockpool


A morning walk with M*t*n and P*tt* on the beach at Kommejtkie.   Walkers, surfers, dogs f*cking, families, loners, getting a mild dose of pre-breakfast exercise, on an uncharacteristically cold and grey strand. Later I went for a run on Noordhoek beach, 6km over. I had driven back, changed, and then started from the other end of what is a huge 8km long beach. Heading out I met many of the people I had seen earlier in Kommejtkie. They had ploughed on, and I wondered if they were puzzled how I had both overtaken them and mysteriously changed into running gear. They and I remained impassive, as we churned past each other though the sand and surf.

Above is today’s shot, taken in the morning on Kommejtkie beach. This time it is processsed in Photoshop touch for Adobe. The image uses three blended layers, really amazingly sophisticated for an Android app. Adobe, who make this code, are leading the way in mobile apps. Their best new stuff is on Apple. Shock news, I am going to have to buy an iPad. A report will follow soon, once the awful deed is done.

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