New site

Those of you who occasionally looked at will have noticed that the site has not been updated for around 3 years.

Now however, I am pleased to present a new, prettier, and (I hope) easier to read site. The old site is still in existence and is mostly still visible via the above link (Legacy Web Site). I won’t be updating it, but may transfer some content over to this new location if it is still relevant.

This site will contain mostly new content, reflecting my more recent obsessions and experiences.  As ever, it is primarily a location for my own reference and for those few people who share the same interests.  It will take a slightly new direction in that this site is functionally set up as a Web log  (or blog)- a chronologically sequenced series of short pieces usually topical in nature.  But there will also be photos and permanent reference items also.  We’ll see how it goes.

Info about why I had to change the site design and software, and what I changed to is covered in a few posts linked here:

What happened to the old

The technology behind the new site.

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