Womens football final – Japanese fans really quite scrutable

Wonderful evening at the women’s football final between USA and Japan.  I ended up in the Japanese fans section for some reason, and they were a delight.  But they were not inscrutable.  Oh no.

I must say, the women’s game played at this level is a delight.  The fans were respectful, sober, and mostly clapped their appreciation.  They also decorously chanted ‘Nippon’, Nippon’ to the ‘USA, USA’ from across the stands.  As to the players, there were no red or yellow cards, no tantrums, no overly emotional embraces and no deliberate fouls.  Just a very nice display of skilful football. If you didn’t see it, the USA won 2-1, and for most of the game  the Japanese women were desperately trying to equalize.  Hence the high scrutability of the Japanese fans.  It will be interesting to compare the match this with the men’s final this afternoon which I am just setting off to see.

Once again the photos are with the little Canon.  More difficult in a football match to capture the action, but in this case, the fans were as interesting to photograph. The photos are best seen in full screen (press FS in the bottom right hand corner), and in slide show ( press SL).  Info on many of the photos is available by pressing the ‘i’ in the top right hand corner (and press ‘i’ again to get rid of it).

Olympics - Womens football final

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