Fratelli’s Deli, Kingston

My favourite Italian Deli in Kingston


This post is really here to demonstrate to myself the ability of WordPress to make posts (with snaps!) from my  Android tablet. And I happened to be having a coffee at Fratelli’s when the thought to make a post hit me. But while I am in situ, let me commend this terrific little spot. Why does it stand out? Let me enumerate the ways.

1. Only known supplier of Montenegro digestivo in South London. Although ruinously expensive, this is the DLW’s favorite adult postprandial bev.
2. Purveyor of truly excellent Portuguese-style custard tarts. Lately I have found myself eating one of these every afternoon, and consuming it with an espresso macciato, of which they are also top-quality suppliers.
3. Nice little cafe and restaurant area, with outside tables (as seen in snap)
4. Nice rosticceria menu, including very more-ish spinach cakes

It’s in Park Rd in Kingston.

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