London in February – RX100 photographs

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Following on from the Ravelious piece in the last post, here are some shots taken with the tricked-up RX-100 in London in February this year.




While obviously the main point of having cameras is to futz about with accessories and technology, occasionally I like to actually take some photographs as well.  I have found recently, that with a protected screen (using this cover, which fits the RX-100 perfectly), I can carry the RX-100 in my coat pocket, with my finger secure round the Franiec grip, and whip it out whenever a shot offers itself.   This approach really works for me and has transformed my London photography.  I don’t like carrying a camera around my neck all the time, for comfort as well as deportment’s sake, but having the thing stashed in a case means that the shot is usually lost by the time I extricate it.  This new way means I can be ready, but not obvious.  Moreover, while it’s been bitterly cold in London this winter, I find I can wear thin silk gloves, and still operate the controls.  Tout confort is thus assured.

Here are the shots. As usual (if you have Flash), the photos are best seen in full screen (press FS in the bottom right hand corner), and in slide show ( press SL).  Titles can be seen by pressing the ‘i’ in the top right corner, and to get back here, press ESC.  If you don’t have Flash, i.e if you are using an Apple iPad/Pod/Phone, or a Nexus 7 tablet, or any Android tablet running 4.1 +, you can now see them as well.  Just click any of the thumbnails and a full screen slide-show should start.

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