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Welcome to the legacy Web Site.  This is both a private family site for the McAughtrys, and also a source of information largely compiled by, and for the use of David McAughtry, who maintains the site.  Some of this information may be helpful to others, particularly those travelling to some of the cities on the left (City Guides), or those who like coffee, or exercise, or shiny shoes (Good Stuff).  It is irregularly updated - and links may therefore be broken.  If you find any mistakes or broken links, I'd be grateful to hear about them - via the contact mail-to below.


with Andy in the southern SaharaWell here we are,  in the southern Sahahara,  about 15k north of Timbouctou, at the beginning of February 2008.  Andy (on left) and I came to Mali for a music festival, and to explore the country a bit.  It was a magic trip, and pics (plus  a few bits of video this time) can be seen in the link at the top left, or by clicking here.  I suggest using Full Page View (F11) as the pics are quite large.

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